Women and Investing

All women will face at least one of four financial situations: single, married, divorced, and widowed. Most will face two, three, or all four in their lifetime. Because of this, women need to take special care when it comes to their finances. Consider the following:

  • Women, on average, live five to seven years longer than men. This means the time horizon you plan for needs to be specific to you.
  • Women typically earn less money. For all the improvements with women's rights, the median income of women is still two-thirds that of men.
  • Although women do tend to save a higher percentage of their paychecks than men, they also generally earn less, and end up with less saved for retirement.
  • Women tend to be more risk-averse and invest more conservatively than men.
  • Older women are one of the fastest growing poverty segments.

Taking charge of your financial future is empowering.